Retail warehouse

Rebuilding Exchange’s retail warehouse addresses waste in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible way. Our retail warehouse favors an approach that re-imagines materials most people see as useless to give them a new value as community assets. Materials - provided at a greatly reduced cost to the public – also function to preserve historical pieces of Chicago’s neighborhoods. Our customers come from just about every zip code in Chicago and many communities beyond city limits.

To encourage individuals to donate materials rather than throw them away, we also provide pickup services throughout Chicago. Material donations are
tax-deductible, providing additional incentives for individuals, local governments, and business to reduce the environmental impact of landfills and waste transportation.  

A flyer for the Rebuild Block Party on September 24th 2021 7PM.

What We Carry


Trim & MOlding

Flooring & Tile



Tools & Hardware



Architectural salvage


Radiators & Fireplaces


Donate Materials

Have some of the materials above and interested in donating? The best way to set up a donation drop-off or pick-up is by filling out our form.

Rebuilding Exchange is only able to schedule a pick up of donations Wednesday through Saturday. All materials must be uninstalled prior to our arrival and located on the ground floor unless you have access to a freight elevator and loading dock.

Rebuilding Exchange pick–up team reserves the right to refuse any donation.

I'm READY TO Donate